Licence Information

Digital downloads

All digital downloads are licensed with a Picfair license:

  • Editorial & Personal Licence Editorial use; print, online, and broadcast; personal use.

  • Commercial Licence Editorial use; personal use; promotional and marketing use; advertorial and social media.

  • Advertising Licence Print advertising, out-of-home advertising, broadcast advertising, & display advertising; merchandising and retail product packaging.

See the full usage guidelines here.


All prints are produced and delivered by Picfair.

Giclée art prints will be printed via inkjet onto Matte Ultra 240gsm paper in a choice of Lustre Photo or Smooth Art finishes.

Canvas wraps are printed on high-quality artist stock, then stretched and wrapped around timber frames. Canvas wraps will be offered with a choice of black or white wrapped edges.

Framed prints will come printed on gloss paper with a choice of black or white timber frames.

All wall arts products will be shipped ready to hang!

Read more about Picfair Prints here.

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